The Western Ways Of Management Consultancy: Shifting From Credentials To Competency And Creativity

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Pannon Management Review


consultancy; Entrepreneurship/Innovation; management consultants


Entrepreneurial and Small Business Operations


How to be entrepreneurial in the field of management consultancy during an economic downturn, while new technologies come to the forefront? Much of the answer lies in stepped up marketing efforts and in cost-cutting measures. In addition, however, it is crucial to embrace new ideas and techniques. The large consultancies as well as small firms or individual practitioners from the West will have to adjust their philosophy and style to this new environment – by emphasizing their industry and functional competencies along with creativity and innovation, rather than their credentials. By data mining, we have been fortunate to come across three Western nations, the United Kingdom, France, and Spain that provide recent statistics on management consultancy. The future will depend not only on the success of existing firms, but on opportunities for the rise of new ventures. The future contours of management consultancy are being carved steadily by organizations, large and small. The large consultancies seek to avoid regulation at all costs. How can small management consultants prosper now and later? They can adopt the credo of marketing orientation and entrepreneurship to heart: they must be proactive, innovative, and risk-taking.