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3rd Annual CSU Regional Chemistry Teaching Symposium: March 13 and 14, 2014

A regional chemistry teaching symposium offers a forum for the teachers from both large lecture halls and small classrooms to meet, listen, and discuss both the successes and difficulties of their experiences. The symposium is open to teachers and students from high schools, community colleges, liberal art colleges, and universities to attend and advance the teaching of introductory level chemical concepts and applications. All are welcome. The 3rd annual CSU spring regional chemistry teaching symposium will be held on March 13 and 14, 2014 in the Student Center at Cleveland State University. The activities of the symposium will include speakers, demonstrations, workshops, and posters which address our concerns to become more effective chemistry teachers. 2013 Chemistry Symposium Slide Show

Abstracts should be limited to 100 words. To submit an abstract, please click on "Submit Abstract" in the column to the left. You will be asked for your Login information, and if this is your first visit, you will need to "Create New Account." Accounts are free. You will be asked for your name and institution (if you have no institution, you could enter Cleveland State University) and a password. Check your email next for the confirmation. To confirm your account, you will need to click as requested and the click will take you back to the Chemistry Conference site where you can begin to submit your abstract. Please review and click through the submission instruction/agreement page. Once you submit your abstract, Conference Administrators will receive an email that you have made a submission. You will be contacted after the abstract has been reviewed. For more information, contact Dr. Jerry Mundell at or 216-523-7310.

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2014 CSU Regional Chemistry Teaching Symposium: March 13 & 14