Bond Strength Development with Maturity of High-Early-Strength Bonded Concrete Overlays

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ACI Materials Journal


The development of concrete-to-concrete bond is important for the performance of bonded concrete overlays as well as for bridge deck overlays. Bond development is important for repairs of concrete structures with cementitious repair materials. The test methods used, along with their difficulty and relative reliability, will also be of interest to other researchers investigating concrete-to-concrete bond. Methods presented in this paper may be used to estimate the bond development between a bonded concrete overlay and its underlying substrate at early ages on the basis of concrete maturity. Compressive, splitting tensile, tension bond, and shear bond strength development of concrete are related to mixture proportioning and curing temperature. For a given concrete, they may be predicted by the maturity method, provided curing is adequate and that the effects of other variables can be controlled. Shear bond strength was found to be approximately twice the value of tension bond strength.