Submissions from 2009

New Establishment Dynamics: Business Formation and Survival Trends in Ohio, Afia Yamoah, Ziona Austrian, and Joel A. Elvery


The Long Road to Recovery from the recession of 2007: December 2009 Update, Edward W. Hill


Policy Adoption in Dynamic International Environments: Evidence from National AIDS Programs, Benjamin Y. Clark

National trends in the United States of America physician assistant workforce from 1980 to 2007, Xiaoxing Z. He, Ellen Cyran, and Mark J. Salling


Northeast Ohio Entrepreneurship Confidence Survey: Fourth-Year Findings, David O. Kasdan


An Important Reduction in U.S. Carbon Emissions, Heidi Gorovitz Robertson


Deil S. Wright In Memoriam, Jeffrey Brudney, Chung-Lae Cho Cho, Margaret R. Ferguson, Alfred R. Light, Jay Eungha Ryu, Nelson C. Dometrius, and Cynthia J. Bowling

Letting Good Deeds Go Unpunished: Volunteer Immunity Laws and Tort Deterrence, Jill R. Horwitz and Joseph Mead


The Civic Innovation Lab: Economic Impact, Ziona Austrian Ph.D.

A Cross-metropolitan Analysis of the Roles of Employment Centers, Joel A. Elvery

A Matter of Taste? Participation in Formal and Informal Volunteering, Jeffrey L . Brudney


A Statewide FBO/NPO Digital Inventory: Is it Feasible?, Mark J. Salling and Joseph Ahern

County Managers' Knowledge of Law and Allegations of Employment Law Violations, Christine Ledvinka Rush

Geographic disparities in health-related characteristics among the elderly in Ohio (2004-2008), Sung-Gheel Jang

How Much Stock Can We Put in SOX? Evaluating the Effectiveness of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002, Jeffrey L . Brudney

Identification of Cross-Sector Competencies for Leaders and Managers of Health Care Organizations, Jeffrey L . Brudney

Implementing the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990: Human Resource Innovations in City Government, Christine Ledvinka Rush

Metropolitan Growth Patterns and Socioeconomic Inequalities in US Metropolitan Areas 1970-2000, Sugie Lee

Privatizing Human Resources in the Public Sector: Legal Challenges to Outsourcing the Human Resource Function, R. Battaglio Jr. and Christine Rush

Sector Choice: Its Role in Explaining Contracting Performance, Jeffrey L . Brudney

Sustainable Cleveland 2019 - Building an Economic Engine to Empower a Green City on a Blue Lake, Nancy Meyer-Emerick

Teaching and Living in Presov, Slovakia: My Fulbright Experience, Nancy Meyer-Emerick

The Impact of Economic Restructuring: Comparison of Cleveland and Minneapolis Metropolitan Areas, Sugie Lee


The NASA Glenn Research Center: An Economic Impact Study Fiscal Year 2008, Iryna Lendel

Theoretical Contributions of Camilla Stivers, Jennifer K. Alexander

The synergy of foreclosures, subprime lending, house prices and employment in Cuyahoga County, Brian A. Mikelbank

Unseen Pillars of the Community, Norman Krumholz

Urban Parks and Vacant Lands as Mechanisms of Ecological and Social Stability in the Cleveland Urban Ecosystem, Sung-Gheel Jang

Using Risk and Social Capital Indicators to Predict Collaborative Activity in Emergency Planning, Jeffrey L . Brudney

Value Conflict and Legal Reasoning in Public Administration, Michael W. Spicer

Volunteering in 2020: Projections and Prospects Based on the Serve America Act, Jeffrey L . Brudney

YMCA of the USA National Volunteerism Study, Jeffrey L . Brudney


Identifying High Demand Occupations and Understanding the Needs of Northeast Ohio Manufacturers: Focus Group Summary Report, Ziona Austrian, Kathryn W. Hexter, and Molly Schnoke


Regional Dashboard of Economic Indicators 2009: Comparative Performance of Leading, Midwest, and Northeast Ohio Metropolitan Areas, Ziona Austrian, Afia Yamoah, and Candice Clouse


Driving Ohio's Prosperity - Recommendations, Edward W. Hill, Jim Samuel, and Fran Stewart


Northeast Ohio Economic Brief, John F. Brennan


Ohio's Balanced Growth Program: a Case Study of Collaboration for Planning and Policy Design, Wendy A. Kellogg


Does a Mayor Make a Difference in a City’s Economic Performance? The case of Akron, Ohio, Edward W. Hill

Achieving Mixed-Income, Mixed-Finance Housing Objectives: Are they compatible?, Mittie Davis Jones


Collaboration in Academic Scientific Research, Benjamin Y. Clark

Does Volunteering Domain Matter for Public Service Motivation? A Test of Functional Theory, Jeffrey L . Brudney

Measuring Racial Disparities in Traffic Ticketing Within Large Urban Jurisdictions, Ronnie A. Dunn


Do 'Off-Site' Adult Businesses Have Secondary Effects? Legal Doctrine, Social Theory, and Empirical Evidence, Alan Weinstein and Richard D. McCleary


JumpStart Inc.: Economic Impact on and Contribution to Northeast Ohio, 2008, Ziona Austrian and Afia Yamoah

Images of America: Cleveland's Lighthouses, Janice B. Patterson


Financial Intermediaries for Community and Economic Development in Ohio: Market Assessment, Ziona Austrian, Brian A. Mikelbank, Afia Yamoah, Charles Post, Candice Clouse, and David O. Kasdan

Understanding the Economic Performance of Metropolitan Areas in the United States, Pamela Blumenthal, Harold Wolman, and Edward W. Hill


Northeast Ohio High-Tech Economy Report, Iryna Lendel and Ziona Austrian

Achieving Cost-Savings with Volunteers, Jeffrey L . Brudney

A City-Focused Economic Development Agenda for the Federal Government and HUD, Edward W. Hill and Fran Stewart

A Cross-Sector Comparison of Using Nonstandard Workers: Explaining Use and Impacts on the Employment Relationship, Jeffrey L . Brudney

An analysis of health disparities in Cuyahoga, Lorain, and Medina Counties using the 2008 Ohio Family Health Survey, Sung-Gheel Jang

An Indicator Tool to Identify Potential Vacant/Abandoned Residential Properties, Brian A. Mikelbank

Applied Statistics for Public and Nonprofit Administration, Kenneth J. Meier, Jeffrey L. Brudney, and John Bohte


Are Private Government, Civil Society and Nonprofit Organizations the Same Thing?, Stuart Mendel

A Sustainable and Replicable Strategy for Financing SmartWay Kits: Policy Memo, U.S. EPA SmartWay Transport Office, Kevin O'Brien

Book Review: Effective Foundation Management: 14 Challenges of Philanthropic Leadership— And How to Outfox Them, Stuart Mendel

Clean Water State Revolving Fund White Paper: Untapped Potential of Using Guarantees in the Clean Water State Revolving Fund Program, Policy Memo, U.S. EPA Office of Water, Clean Water State Revolving Fund, George Ames, Kevin O'Brien

Council-Manager Government at 100: Facilitative Governance & Citizenship Ethics in the Administrative State, Vera D. Vogelsang-Coombs, Lawrence F. Keller, and Sylvester Murray

Deja Vu all over again: Metropolitan Neighborhood Classification 1970-2000, Brian A. Mikelbank

Emerging Areas of Volunteering, Jeffrey L . Brudney

Enhancing Community Leadership Negotiation Skills to Build Civic Capacity, Deborah Shmueli, Wallace Warfield, and Sanda Kaufman


Essay: Current and Future Challenges to Local Government Posed by the Housing and Credit Crisis,, Alan Weinstein


Feasibility Study: Consolidated Dispatch Center for Police, Fire and EMS Services, Daila Shimek, Ryan Foster, Holly Cooper, Kevin O'Brien, Claudette Robey, and Caitlin Johnson

Geo-narrating Cleveland using Google Earth, Office of the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Studies, Sung-Gheel Jang

Hispanic Roundtable Organizational Assessment and Action Steps 2008-2009, Stuart Mendel


HIV and AIDS Stigma and Discrimination in China: Results from a National Survey, Karen Hardee, Tim Manchester, Victor Yuan, Benjamin Y. Clark, Amy Qi, Sarah Bradley, and Zoe Shen

Identifying Employer Needs in Northeast Ohio, Joel A. Elvery

Industrial Agglomeration and the Regional Scientific Explanation of Perceived Environmental Injustice, William M. Bowen, Mark Atlas, and Sugie Lee

It Ain't Natural: Toward a New (Natural) Resource Conceptualization For Volunteer Management, Jeffrey L . Brudney and Lucas Meijs

Metropolitan Growth Patterns and Community Disparities: Insights from the State of New Jersey, Sugie Lee

Multidimensional Scaling, William M. Bowen

No Ivory Tower Here: The University and the Foreclosure Crisis in Cleveland, OH, Brian A. Mikelbank

No 'One Best Way' To Manage Change: Developing and Describing Distinct Administrative Reform Dimensions across the Fifty American States, Jeffrey L . Brudney

Nutrient Trading Policy Memo, U.S. EPA Office of Water, State Revolving Fund, George Ames, Kevin O'Brien and Michael Curley

Online Communication Technology and Relational Development, Sanda Kaufman, A. Bhapu, N. Welsh, and N. Ebner

Outcome Assessment: Making the Case For Your Program, Jeffrey L . Brudney

Planning To Be Prepared: An Empirical Examination of the Role of Voluntary Organizations in County Government Emergency Planning, Jeffrey L . Brudney and Beth Gazley

Powers of Planning Commissions and Planning Boards, Alan C. Weinstein

Public-Nonprofit Partnership: Realizing the New Public Service, Jennifer Alexander and Stuart Mendel

Public-Nonprofit Partnership: Realizing the New Public Service, Jennifer K. Alexander and Renee Nank

Rational Volunteering: A Benefit-Cost Approach, Jeffrey L . Brudney and Young-joo Lee

Recruiting and Retaining Volunteers in Today's Economy, Jeffrey L . Brudney

Regional Impervious Surface Estimation: An Urban Heat Island Application, Sugie Lee and Steven P. French

Resources for Volunteer Administration and Management, Jeffrey L . Brudney


Responding to Foreclosures in Cuyahoga County: Program Year Three Evaluation Report, March 1, 2008 through February 28, 2009, Kathryn W. Hexter and Molly Schnoke

Response to Philanthropy: What Nonprofits Can Tell Grant Makers About Forming Meaningful Partnerships, Stuart Mendel

Risk perception and communication in public and environmental decisions, Sanda Kaufman

Risky Business: Housing Data, Vacancy and Abandonment, Brian A. Mikelbank

RLUIPA Challenges: An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure, Alan C. Weinstein

Social Equity and the Cleveland 2020 Citywide Plan, Norman Krumholz

Spatial Analysis of the Impact of Vacant, Abandoned and Foreclosed Properties, Brian A. Mikelbank

Testimony relating to State of Ohio House Bill 3, Brian A. Mikelbank

The Analysis of Single-Family Housing Market for Promoting Housing Diversity: The Case Study of the United States, Sugie Lee

The Case of the Disappearing Market (or, The Foreclosure Crisis in Cleveland), Brian A. Mikelbank

The Changing Nature of Spirituality in Nonprofits, Jennifer K. Alexander

The Context of Contracting: Nonprofit Distinctiveness Or Multi-Sector Pervasiveness?, Jeffrey L . Brudney

The Effect of Design Elements for Corporate Volunteer Programs on Volunteerability, Jeffrey L . Brudney; Meijs, Lucas C.; Tschirhart,; and Esther Ten Hoorn

The Effect of School Quality on Residential Sales Prices, Robert A. Simons and Youngme Seo

The Impact of Enterprise Zones on Resident Employment: An Evaluation of the Enterprise Zone Programs of California and Florida, Joel A. Elvery