Submissions from 2016


The Social Enterprise Zoo: A Guide for Perplexed Scholars, Entrepreneurs, Philanthropists, Leaders, Investors and Policymakers, Dennis R. Young, Elizabeth A. M. Searing, and Cassady V. Brewer

Submissions from 2015


Responding to Foreclosures in Cuyahoga County 2014 Update: Ninth Annual Report January 1 - December 31, 2014, Kathryn W. Hexter and Molly Schnoke


Center for Population Dynamics Quarterly Brief October 2015: A Reason to Be- The "Upskilling" of Cleveland's Workforce, Richey Piiparinen, Jim Russell, and Charlie Post


University Circle & Little Italy Study: Demographic Trends, Property Assessment, and Recommendations for Neighborhood Revitalization, Ziona Austrian, Kathryn W. Hexter, Ellen Cyran, Paul Boehnlein, Bryan Townley, and Kenneth Kalynchuk


Mapping Adult Migration in Cleveland, Ohio, Richey Piiparinen, Jim Russell, and Eamon Johnson


Understanding the Location Decisions of the Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority's Housing Choice Voucher Holders: Pilot Study, Kathryn Hexter, W Dennis Keating, Mittie Davis Jones, Brian Mikelbank, Michael Veres, and Joyce Huang

Submissions from 2014


Cuyahoga County’s Tax-Base Challenge: Renewing and Redeveloping Core Communities, Thomas Bier and Charlie Post


A Newer Geography of Jobs: Where Workers with Advanced Degrees Are Concentrating the Fastest, Richey Piiparinen, Jim Russell, and Charles Post

Submissions from 2012

Here Comes the Neighborhood: A Cleveland Success Story, an article on the Gordon Square Arts District, PLANNING Magazine (Vol. 78, No. 3), Norman Krumholz and Joy Roller

Submissions from 2010

Research Trends and Limitations of the Integrated Study of Urban Planning and Public Health for a Healthy Community, Sugie Lee

Submissions from 2007


Jefferson Village Downtown District Plan, Wendy A. Kellogg, Kirby Date, Richard Klein, James Wyles, Alicia Dyer, Tim Kobie, and Christine Zuniga

Submissions from 2005


America's Central Cities and the Location of Work: Can Cities Compete With Their Suburbs?, Edward W. Hill and John Brennan

Submissions from 2002


Nature's Neighborhood - Urban Environmental History and Neighborhood Planning, Wendy A. Kellogg

Submissions from 2000

Are Fragmentation and Sprawl Interlinked?: North American Evidence, Mark Rosentraub and Eran Razin

Beyond Edge Cities: Job Decentralization and Urban Sprawl, Richard D. Bingham and Chengri Ding

City-County Consolidation and the Rebuilding of Image: The Fiscal Lessons from Indianapolis's UniGov Program, Mark Rosentraub

Does Planning Consider Human Differences? Review of Urban Peace-Building in Divided Societies: Belfast and Johannesburg and Race and Politics: Asian Americans, Latinos, and Whites in a Los Angeles Suburb, W. Dennis Keating

Submissions from 1998

Tax Increment Financing: Municipal Adoption and Effects On Property Value Growth, Mark Rosentraub and Joyce Man

Submissions from 1997

Beyond Edge Cities, Richard D. Bingham, William M. Bowen, and et al.

Poverty and Economic Morphology of Ohio Central-City Neighborhoods, Richard D. Bingham and Zhongcai Zhang

Submissions from 1993

Book Review: reviewing Left Coast City - Progressive Politics in San-Francisco, 1975-1991 - Deleon,Re, W. Dennis Keating

Submissions from 1992

Book Review, Reviewing Dual City - Restructuring New York, W. Dennis Keating

Submissions from 1990

Increasing Minority Representation in the Planning Professorate, Edward W. Hill