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Inside of House


Red leather chair in den/study. According to Bay Village Police Officer Fred Drenkhan in the Initial Homicide Offense Report, when he arrived at the house on July 4, 1954, "Dr. Sam Sheppard sat in this room [den/study] in a large red leather chair in a half sitting half laying position." In his 1954 trial testimony, J. Spencer Houk reported that Sam was sitting in this chair when he arrived and, after Houk asked him what happened, Sam said "I don't know. I just remember waking up on the couch, and I heard Marilyn screaming, and I started up the stairs, and somebody or something clobbered me, and the next thing I remember was coming to down on the beach." Houk went on to say "And that he remembered coming upstairs, and that he thought he tried to do something for Marilyn. And he says, "That's all I remember.""


Sheppard home, den/study, red leather chair