Planning for Ubiquitous Learning in PLAN

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Conference Proceeding

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UBICOMM 2017, The Eleventh International Conference on Mobile Ubiquitous Computing, Systems, Services and Technologies


ubiquitous learning, e-learning, personalized learning, recommendation systems


Business | Education | Educational Technology | Management Information Systems


The rise of e-Learning as a primary platform for
higher education promises to open up higher education to a wider range of learners than ever before. In order to best cater to this ever more diverse group of students, a personal learning system, which reflects the individual student’s learning style and needs, would be valuable. Such a system would successfully integrate a user’s learner profile, as well as his or her social networks, and big data sources, as well as time and location information in order to support ubiquitous learning. In this paper, we review PLAN (Personal Learning Assistant), our model for personal recommendation systems for students of higher learning and explore how ubiquitous learning fits in with our system.