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Application of Dominance-based Rough Set Theory for Knowledge Discovery in Cooperative Learning

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Conference Proceeding

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2014 17th International Conference on Computer and Information Technology (ICCIT)


Approximation methods, Computers, Set theory, Education, Information technology, Information systems, Psychology


Business | Management Information Systems | Organizational Behavior and Theory


This paper illustrates a rule induction approach to discover decision patterns by using Dominance-based Rough Set Approach (DRSA) to unravel the intrinsic factors for learning successes and failures in a cooperative group-learning environment. It employs an innovative group quiz method in a university Management Information Systems (MIS) course which induces students into a unique learning process. The survey results enumerate the conditioning factors in terms of multiple criteria ranked in ordinal scale or preference-ordered. The DRSA model is uniquely appropriate when data includes multiple criteria whose domains are preference-ordered. The assessment of the learning success shows how a preference-centric group decision model can be integrated with the dominance-based principle of rough set to derive minimal covering “if.., then..” decision rules. The paper demonstrates that it is possible to develop a formal approximate reasoning scheme to develop group dynamics and discover inherent patterns of the heuristics for group decisions.