Submissions from 2015


The Importance Of The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) For Accounting Education, Mark A. Holtzblatt, Belverd Needles, Norbert Tschakert, and Marcus Wong

Student Perceptions Of Auditor Responses To Evidence Of Suspicious Activities: An Experimental Assessment, David S. Murphy and Scott A. Yetmar

Submissions from 2010

Teaching IFRS With "Cyber-Guest" Lecturers: A Survey and Strategies For Implementation, Mark A. Holtzblatt and Norbert Tschakert


The Design and Implementation of an Enlivened IFRS Course, Mark Holtzblatt and Norbert Tschakert

Courses On Forensics And Fraud Examination In The Accounting Curriculum, Heidi H. Meier, Ravindra R. Kamath, and Yihong He


Personal Financial Planning Attitudes - A Study, Scott A. Yetmar and D. Murphy

Submissions from 2009


Characteristics of Accounting Faculty in the U.S., Ravindra R. Kamath, Heidi H. Meier, and Edward G. Thomas

Submissions from 2008


Business Ethics Resources on the Internet, Scott A. Yetmar

Submissions from 2007


An Economic Analysis of Costs Associated with Development of a Cell Salvage Program, J.R. Waters, Heidi H. Meier, and J.H. Waters