Submissions from 2015


Research Framework, Strategies, And Applications Of Intelligent Agent Technologies (IATs) In Marketing, V. Kumar, Ashutosh Dixit, Rajshekar G. Javalgi, and Mayukh Dass

Submissions from 2014

The Future Of Ubiquitous eLearning, Timothy Arndt


Understanding Knowledge Management Software-Organisation Misalignments From An Institutional Perspective: A Case Study Of A Global IT-Management Consultancy Firm, Khuong Le-Nguyen, G. Harindranath, and Romano Dyerson


Experiences In Collaborative Learning, Paolo Maresca, Angela Guercio, Lidia Stanganelli, and Timothy Arndt

Submissions from 2013


Evaluating Student Attitudes On Ubiquitous e-Learning, Timothy Arndt and Angela Guercio


Transforming Marketing Education Of The Future: The Role Of Intelligent Agent Technologies (IATs) In Enhancing Student Learning, Ashutosh Dixit, Mayukh Dass, Gella C. Pendleton, and William J. Lundstrom

Submissions from 2012


Organizing for Post-Implementation ERP, Kevin P. Gallagher and Vickie C. Gallagher

Submissions from 2009

E711 - A Public Emergency Wireless Phone System, Victor Matos and Ben Blake


Order Acceptance Using Genetic Algorithms, Walter O. Rom and Susan A. Slotnick

Submissions from 2008

Pencils Down! Phones Up! An Interdisciplinary Capstone Project., Victor Matos, Rebecca Grasser, and Ben Blake