Submissions from 2018

The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and Internal Controls, Lauren M. Golick, Elizabeth Janko, and Scott Yetmar

Defining Data in the New Paradigm Shift: The Directive vs. General Data Protection Regulation, Elizabeth Janko and Scott Yetmar

Chemical Waste and Allied Products 2018, Howard Paul

Submissions from 2016


The Impact Of Residual Risk And Resultant Problems On Information Systems Development Project Performance, Russel L. Purvis, Raymond M. Henry, Stefan Tams, Varun Grover, John D. McGregor, and Steve Davis

Submissions from 2015

Business Analytics: Transforming The Role Of Management Accountants, Kristine Brands and Mark A. Holtzblatt


Political Skill Dimensionality And Impression Management Choice And Effective Use, Robyn L. Brouer, Rebecca L. Badaway, Vickie C. Gallagher, and Julita A. Haber

Submissions from 2009

E711 - A Public Emergency Wireless Phone System, Victor Matos and Ben Blake

Submissions from 2007


Antecedents to Relational and Nonrelational Source Use: An Exploratory Investigation, J. Christopher Zimmer and Raymond M. Henry