in spring of 2014, the Design/Rebuild Studio began its first project, based on the assumption that Cleveland's existing housing stock has potential to contribute to community life and need not always be torn down. The undergraduate level design studio is in the College of Architecture and Environmental Design, Kent State University. Design/Rebuild partnered with the St. Clair Superior Development Corporation to select, purchase, redesign, renovate, and market a vacant home in the St Clair Superior neighborhood. the proceeds from the sale will fund another similar [project in the same neighborhood.

Photo-documentation began with the design process in spring of 2014, includes the summer and fall on site construction work and is continuing into summer 2015.

Project Partners include The Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative, St Clair Superior Development Corporation, VIP Restoration, Durham Brothers Construction and 84 Lumber.

Project funders include The George Gund Foundation, Sandvick Architects, Sears-Swetland Foundation, Ruth Brown Foundation, and 84 Lumber

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