This Reimagining 3 project is part of a multipronged approach by FAMICOS concentrated in the primarily residential area north of University Circle. The informal boundaries of the Reimaging project are Ashbury Avenue on the south, Kelton Avenue on the north, E120th on the east and E115th on the West. Because the area is a mix of well-maintained owner occupied homes and some abandoned buildings and vacant lots, FAMICOS feels that improving vacant lots, in addition other strategies such as selective demolitions, exterior repair and rehab of homes, can help stabilize the neighborhood. Current residents will be encouraged to stay and the area will become more welcoming for new comers.

The six projects documented here include side yard expansions and street edge improvements. Lots were graded, if needed, seeded and landscaped. FAMICOS will maintain the lots, hiring neighborhood youth when possible. The synergy of physical improvements and social involvement will strengthen the neighborhood and lay the foundation for future progress. Triptychs presented below show the lots before and after treatment.


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Moving Glenville Forward, Re-imagining Cleveland 3:1487 116th St T01

Helen Liggett, Cleveland State University, Kent State University