On October 1, 1976, Amended House Bill 531 became effective as sections 2307.31 and 2307.32 of the Ohio Revised Code. As stated in the preamble, the purpose of the Act is to provide for the contribution among two or more persons jointly or severally liable in tort. Like all new legislation, it is bound to have a certain amount of "teething problems" in its initial use. This Article will discuss some of the anticipated problems, and propose suggested means for resolving them. The heart of the new law is found in section 2307.31(A)3 which indicates that several elements must combine before the right of contribution comes into existence. In the following pages each of these elements will be discussed and the problems arising in connection with each will be explored. Following the discussion of the elements of the right to contribution there will appear a discussion of the various procedural means for enforcing the right to contribution.

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