This note will deal with the effects of proposed Senate Bill No. 67 on product liability law as it is now practiced in Ohio, including:1) The types of claims the proposed legislation would preclude due to a time lag between the date of purchase and the date of injury; 2) the effects this proposed legislation would have upon lawsuits whose out-comes depend upon technical applications of the various statutes of limitations now in effect, which depend on whether the claim is based on written or oral contract, tort, implied or express warranty, or professional malpractice; 3) the legislation's consideration of the appropriate status of sellers who did not manufacture the product, and the extent of their liability in a damage suit; 4) the available defenses provided by Senate Bill No. 67 based upon claims that the product involved was modified, or has deteriorated due to neglect or abuse; and 5) the rebuttable presumptions which the proposed legislation establishes in cases involving products made or not made in accordance with "state of the art" or governmental safety regulations applicable at the time of manufacture.

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