Navin Katyal


This paper will explore and analyze the unauthorized use and dissemination of celebrity images over the Internet as a violation of the copyrights of either the celebrity themselves, or the cinematographic' rights of the film production studio(s). The analysis will focus on the Copyright Act of both Canada and the United States and will be covered in three parts. Part I will define the basic nomenclature of the Internet and explain the applicability of copyright law to the Internet. Part II will focus on methods in which the celebrity and film studio can protect their copyright 'On-line' through the American-defined notion of the 'right of publicity' and through traditional copyright infringement law as it pertains to cinematographic rights. Finally, in Part III, I will discuss the existing solutions to unauthorized dissemination on the Internet and advance my own method for alleviating cinematographic copyright infringement on the Intemet through the use of official website digital authenticated 'signature images.'