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Chinese Language Teaching Methodology and Technology

About This Journal

Chinese Language Teaching Methodology and Technology is an international, referred journal dedicated to the advancement of teaching and learning of Chinese as a second or foreign language. The journal aims to serve the professional interests of classroom instructors, researchers, administrators, and policy makers who are concerned with issues related to the methodology and technology of Chinese language teaching and learning at all educational levels.

The journal publishes semi-annually and welcomes submissions that report findings of empirical research following systematic quantitative, qualitative, or mixed methods of inquiry. It is particularly committed to publishing high quality scholarly work in instructional approaches, technology applications, assessment, and program evaluation associated with Chinese language teaching and learning. Contributions that focus on the attitudes, beliefs, and experiences of Chinese language learners and Chinese teachers are also welcome. Book reviews and short theoretical discussions may be published on a non-regular basis. All article contributions are expected to meet specific standards of scholarly excellence, make a significant contribution to collective knowledge in related fields, and provide useful implications for researchers and practitioners. All submissions must be written in standard professional English or Chinese, adhere to the journal's author guidelines, and be previously unpublished.