Chinese Language Teaching Methodology and Technology

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李惠文; 马骁勇

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Cleveland State University; HESS International Education Group

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克利夫兰州立大学; HESS国际教育

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Through class observations and interviews, this study identified eight types of writing errors that American beginners of Chinese calligraphy. These errors include: (1) failure to apply the Chinese philosophical mindset when producing a real work of calligraphy, (2) dropping some stroke(s) or stroke part(s), (3) misplaced strokes, (4) improperly connected strokes, (5) misshapen curved strokes, (6) disproportionate component size, (7) incorrect thickness and character size, and (8) angled vertical strokes. These errors reflect the students’ lack of knowledge of Chinese characters, the writing skills, and the application of Yin and Yang philosophy. Corresponding instructions and guidance are needed to help American beginners cope with these issues.

Chinese Abstract

本研究通过对美国初级中文书法课的课堂观察和对美国初学学生的访谈,发现美国书法初学者常犯八种书法书写错误:(1)缺乏中国阴阳哲学的应用,(2)笔画全部或部分缺失,(3)笔画错置,(4)笔画误连,(5)曲笔错误,(6)大小比例失调,(7)笔画粗细及整字大小错误,(8)直笔歪斜。这些错误反应了美国学生缺乏汉字知识、书写技能、中国传统阴 - 阳哲学思维应用能力。教学中应教授相关知识、有针对性指导训练,帮助他们解决这些问题。

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