Chinese Language Teaching Methodology and Technology

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“北语刘志刚”汉语教学视频素材库系列报告(1) “北语刘志刚”汉语教学视频素材库的建立

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Shangdi Middle-High School Affiliated to Qinghua University; Johnnie Carr Middle School

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In foreign language education, a real text corpus plays a vital role. With years of Chinese language education experience, author Mr. Zhigang Liu continuously reflects and refines what and how he teaches. He has assembled a set of text corpus consisted of videos that are derived from film and television for use in practice, where the outcome has proven its effectiveness. This issue will feature Mr. Zhigang Liu’s vision behind his library of videos, including its initiative, progress, and method of use. This article serves as a general introduction of the database, covers the basis of its establishment, viability in Chinese language education, and several major features. Through this series of reports, it is hoped that it will be of help to the frontline of Chinese language education and, at the same time, provide encouragement for the professional development of educators who are inspired to achieve greatness in teaching Chinese language.

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