Chinese Language Teaching Methodology and Technology

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Jilin University (China)

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This study aims to explore the effect of participation in extracurricular activities (ECAs) on Chinese language learning in Zimbabwe. The study employed survey design as the major research method. The questionnaire constructed by the researcher included ‘yes/no’, multiple choice and open-ended questions. A total of 45 students from the University of Zimbabwe participated in the study. The results indicate that more than 78% of students had some experience with ECAs and were aware of ECAs available through their university. Language-related ECAs included trips to China, luncheons at Chinese restaurants, games and competitions, movies, and language retreats. The majority of respondents placed a high value on ECAs and thought that ECAs were beneficial for their language skills development. The study revealed that ECAs helped students to improve language motivation and develop more interest in knowing Chinese culture and a stronger desire to visit the country. Over half of the respondents revealed that ECAs helped them to improve language fluency, vocabulary, grammar and other communication skills. The researcher thus recommends more investment in ECAs and that ECAs be integrated into formal language learning curricula at the university level.

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