Chinese Language Teaching Methodology and Technology

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Shaanxi Normal University

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In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of studies on “teacher talk” used in TCSL classrooms. Many of these studies are focused on language interactions between the teacher and the students as well as on the individual functions of “the teachers’ classroom talk.” This article examines the current status of, and problems associated with, teachers’ instructional language, i.e., teacher talk. Based on transcripts of audio recordings of teachers’ instructional language, this study analyzes problems ranging from inaccurate to excessive words in the instructional language and the causes of these problems. This article also validates the study findings by analyzing textual data on teachers’ reflections, and also proposes specific solutions such as simplifying vocabulary and grammar of the instructional language, using auxiliary methods, establishing typical linguistic contexts, and implementing graphics and charts to organize thoughts. Finally, fundamental strategies to achieve “efficient instruction” are made that teachers intentionally enhance their Chinese language competence and teaching abilities, and educational institutions place sufficient emphasis on teacher training and instructional guidance and implement best practices.

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