Chinese Language Teaching Methodology and Technology

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The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

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This mixed-method empirical study investigated the role of learning strategies and motivation in predicting L2 Chinese learning outcomes in an online multimodal learning environment. Both quantitative and qualitative approaches also examined the learners' perspectives on online multimodal Chinese learning. The participants in this study were fifteen pre-intermediate adult Chinese learners aged 18-26. They were originally from different countries (Spain, Italy, Argentina, Colombia, and Mexico) and lived in Barcelona. They were multilingual, speaking more than two European languages, without exposure to any other Asian languages apart from Chinese. The study's investigation was composed of Strategy Inventory for Language Learning (SILL), motivation questionnaire, learner perception questionnaire, and focus group interview. The whole trial period lasted three months; after the experiment, the statistics were analyzed via the Spearman correlation coefficient. The statistical analysis results showed that strategy use was highly correlated with online multimodal Chinese learning outcomes; this indicated that strategy use played a vital role in online multimodal Chinese learning. Motivation was also found to have a significant effect. The perception questionnaire uncovered that the students were overall satisfied and favoring the online multimodal learning experience design. The detailed insights from the participants were exhibited in the transcripted analysis of focus group interviews.

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