Chinese Language Teaching Methodology and Technology

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李顺琴; 舒婷

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International College at Yunnan Agricutural University

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The demand for Chinese learning in the world puts forward higher needs for the competence of a CFL (Chinese as a Foreign Language) teacher. A CFL teacher’s intercultural communication competence (ICC), as a unique and critical part, needs to be concerned more. Inductive and descriptive approaches were used to analyze 86 ICC cases identified from "Cases and Analysis of Cross-cultural Communication" and "Detailed Explanation of Classic Cases of International Chinese Teachers." The cases were categorized into seven cross-cultural communication elements: environmental adaptation, cross-cultural integration, cross-cultural communication, self-regulation, communication, foreign language, and team spirit. Typical cases of each category were selected to analyze and clarify how to improve a CFL teacher’s ICC. Based on the results, we made suggestions on improving the CFL Teacher’s ICC to universities, talent selection and training institutions, and teachers.

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