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Burundi University Confucius Institute

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Our study compared the teaching of Chinese credit course and Swahili credit course at the Burundi University. The goal is to find out the reasons why many students prefer to learn Chinese credit course instead of Swahili, whereas the two courses have the same volume of hours. It also aims to know the students points of view on the teaching of Chinese in Burundi, to know the problems facing the promotion of Chinese in Burundi and the appropriate measures that can be taken to resolve these problems. The study proceeded by a method of survey that we carried out among the students of the three faculties of Burundi University which teach Chinese and Swahili as credit courses: the Faculty of Law, the Faculty of Sciences of the Engineer and the Higher Institute of Commerce. A 14-questions questionnaire was used to question them and 120 students were able to answer our questions. Our study led to the following results: 75% of students prefer to learn Chinese instead of Swahili. The vast majority (67%) of students who have studied the Chinese credit course at the University of Burundi have the chance to continue learning Chinese in the interest classes of Burundi University Confucius Institute. The reason to get Chinese scholarship (42%) and the reason to look for job (29%) motivate them to continue learning Chinese. In contrast, 83% of them cannot continue to learn Swahili after the credit course. The success rate in Chinese exam is higher than the one in Swahili exam. 13% of students passed with 100% and 42% passed with a mark above 90 in the 2021 Chinese exam. By the time, 7% of students passed with a mark of 100% and 8% of them passed with a mark above 90 in Swahili exam.

Keywords: Burundi University, Chinese and Swahili credit courses, comparative analysis

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本文为布隆迪大学中文学分课程和斯瓦希里语学分课程的教学进行对比分析。它的目的是了解为什么许多学生更喜欢学习中文学分课程而不是斯瓦希里语,而这两门课程的学时却相同。旨在了解学生对布隆迪中文教学的看法,了解布隆迪中文推广面临的问题以及解决这些问题的相应措施。该研究源自我们对在布隆迪大学三个学院学习中文和斯瓦希里语学分课程的学生进行的一项调查:法学院、工程师学院和高等商业学院。我们使用了 14 道题的问卷对他们进行了提问,120 名学生能够回答我们的问题。我们的研究得出以下结果: 75% 的学生更喜欢学习中文而不是斯瓦希里语。大多数(67%)在布隆迪大学学习中文学分课程的学生都有机会在布隆迪大学孔子学院的兴趣班继续学习中文。获得中国奖学金的原因(42%)和找工作的原因(29%)激励他们继续学习中文。相比之下,83% 的学生在学分课程后无法继续学习斯瓦希里语。中文考试的成功率高于斯瓦希里语考试的。在 2021 年的中文期末考试中,13% 的学生以 100% 的成绩通过了考试,42% 的学生以 90 分以上的成绩通过了考试。相比之下,在斯瓦希里语期末考试中,7% 的学生以 100% 的分数通过了考试,8% 的学生以 90 分以上的成绩通过了考试。


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