Chinese Language Teaching Methodology and Technology

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Since the coronavirus outbreak, multiple academic institutions have held online seminars that have been beneficial to Chinese language teachers' professional development (PD). However, it remains unknown whether the PD programs are appropriately designed regarding selecting topics and presenters. A total of 432 presentations of this study were retrieved from six Chinese and American organizations during the pandemic from May 1, 2020, to April 30, 2021. The content analysis approach was employed to analyze and categorize the framework of Technological Pedagogical Content and Teacher's Soft-Skill Knowledge (TPACKS) into different themes and layouts of those presentations. The results indicate that Pedagogical Content Knowledge (PCK), Technological Pedagogical Knowledge (TPK), and Pedagogical Knowledge (PK) are more of a concern than other category components. The Technological Knowledge (TK), Content Knowledge (CK), Technological Content Knowledge (TCK), Technological Pedagogical, and Content Knowledge (TPACK) are a lower priority. The study also found that the number of independent presenters from universities is large, while that of K-12 school teacher presenters is low. However, there are many reports on cross-level cooperation among teachers in universities and K-12 schools. In addition, the teachers' soft skills (S) categories have also received greater attention. Especially for increased awareness of non-traditional skills such as cross-cultural skills, meta-cognition and planning, and systemic thinking.

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