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In the fields of bilingualism and second language (L2) acquisition, growing attention has been paid to code-switching in Chinese heritage learners , as they show how early linguistic and cultural influence affects language use. Most existing studies focused on balanced bilinguals but little has been done to understand the differences in code-switching between Chinese heritage and non-heritage learners. Moreover, no studies have focused on L2 code-switching in computer-mediated communication which has become a daily routine of many L2 learners after the COVID pandemic. To fill these gaps, the present study compared differences in code-switching instances between five Chinese heritage and five non-heritage learners in a semi-structured interview in English conducted via Zoom. Results showed that the heritage learners have more instances of code-switching from English to Chinese and knowledge of Chinese cultural terms but fewer linguistic errors than the non-heritage learners. Results also revealed that all the learners shared similar code-switching reasons, namely adapting to different conversations.

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