Chinese Language Teaching Methodology and Technology

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Northeast Normal University, University of Alabama at Birmingham

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Chinese-American literature are an important part of Chinese literature and a literary genre of great cultural and social significance. Chinese-American literary works not only showcase international perspectives and the development of social and cultural issues, but also provide profound reflections on current international situations, social conditions, and human emotions, thereby enhancing readers' understanding and in-depth knowledge of the Chinese-American community. However, the reality is that American students have little knowledge of Chinese-American literature and are unaware of how to explore it. The author attempts to incorporate Chinese-American literature into Chinese language teaching curriculum to help students develop a preliminary understanding of it. Learning Chinese-American literature not only helps to cultivate students' reading skills, critical thinking ability, and humanistic literacy, but also enables them to gain insights into the lives and thoughts of Chinese Americans. Students can form a deeper understanding of immigrant society while improving their Chinese language proficiency. This article presents a systematic approach to introducing the significance and necessity of incorporating the Chinese-American literature course into the curriculum, including the teaching design and practice. It emphasizes a teaching approach that combines classroom learning with service learning. Finally, the article summarizes and reflects on the teaching effectiveness.

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