David Weyrick, author of "To These Things You Must Return," a popular history of the Boy Scout camp, Camp Manatoc, relates the history of the Camp, including the bequest of land by H. Carl Butler, efforts to raise funding for construction, and the purchase of more land as the camp outgrew its original space. As a long time Boy Scout volunteer, Weyrick talks about the history of Scouting in the Akron area, his involvement as a youth and as an adult, and his research while writing the history of the camp. He also discusses the importance of Scouting in connecting modern boys with nature and the obstacles that must be overcome in order to reach urban youth. Weyrick notes the positive relationship between Manatoc and the Cuyahoga Valley National Park service, and briefly mentions activities available in the park.


Weyrick, David (interviewee)


MacKiegan, Judy (interviewer)


Cuyahoga Valley Project



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Oral History


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