This interview was conducted as part of Cleveland State University's 50th Anniversary Comemmoration effort. Vida Lock has been a member of Cleveland States nursing faculty since 1978 and is the current Dean of The School of Nursing. A native of Cleveland, Lock attended Villa Angela before enrolling at St. John's College of Cleveland where she earned her BSN. She than attended Kent State University and was soon recruited to teach Continuing Education courses at Cleveland State. In this interview Lock discusses the development of the nursing program at CSU. She describes the nursing facilities at CSU and how they have changed over time and including the various locations that they have been moved to over the years. Lock describes CSU's tradition of providing refresher courses for licensed nurses, the break up of the College of Liberal Arts + Sciences, the Patient Advocacy Certification Program, the Forensic Nursing Program, the process of national accreditation, the PhD Nursing Program, and the new NEOMED building that is currently under construction. Of particular interest is her discussion of how the nursing program was nearly discontinued in 1989 but was saved as a result of public outcry for the neccessity of the program.


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Lock, Vida B. (interviewee)


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CSU at 50



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