In this 2006 interview, Bruce Ferris, owner of Ferris Steak House at 8700 Detroit Avenue, talks about the history of the oldest steak house in Cleveland. The restaurant was started by his grandparents, immigrants from Lebanon, in the 1940s. He is the third generation Ferris to run the restaurant, and his family has now served 5 generations of customers in the Detroit Shoreway area. Ferris also talks about his life, growing up in Parma; working at the family restaurant and other restaurants, including Swingo's in downtown Cleveland; going away to college in 1980 on the East Coast; and then working in hotel restaurant management on the West Coast before returning to Cleveland in the early 1990s to run the family restaurant. Ferris also talks about celebrities that have dined at his restaurant on Detroit, at another Ferris restaurant that operated in downtown for a short period of time; and at Swingo's.


Ferris, Bruce (interviewee)


Souther, Mark (interviewer)


Detroit Shoreway



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Oral History


34 minutes

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