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Esther Houk stated that the phone woke her up and her husband, J. Spencer Houk, told her that they had to get going because something had happened at the Sheppard home. When they arrived, she noticed that Sam's medical bag was overturned in the hall. She offered Sam some whiskey, and he declined. She went upstairs to check on Marilyn and noticed that she was very bloodied with lacerations on her head and that her stomach looked blue. She could not find a pulse. After the ambulance and Dr. Richard N. Sheppard (Sam's brother) arrived, she went to check on Chip and found him asleep in his room. She and Richard tried to wake him up to get him dressed and out of the house. Richard took Chip to his house, while Stephen Sheppard took Sam to the hospital. Esther Houk stated that Sam was wearing light cord pants and that she saw water spots on the stairs. She also stated that the desk drawers in the living room were all pulled out.

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Esther Houk, J. Spencer Houk, Sam Sheppard, Marilyn's body, Samuel Reese (Chip) Sheppard, Sam's medical bag, desk drawers, Sam's clothing, Sam's injuries. Samuel Reese Sheppard

Defendant's Exhibit 209: Esther Houk Statement