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International Journal of Fluid Mechanics Research


Heat transfer enhancement in an evaporating thin liquid film using the electric field under non-isothermal interfacial condition is presented. A new mathematical model subjected to van der Waals attractive forces, the capillary pressure and the electric field is developed to describe the heat transfer enhancement in the evaporating thin liquid film. The effect of an electrostatic field on the curvature of the thin film, evaporative flux, pressure gradient distribution, heat flux, and heat transfer coefficient in the thin film is presented. The results show that the electric field can enhance heat transfer in the thin liquid film significantly. In addition, using electric fields on the evaporating film will be a way to expand the extended meniscus region to attain high heat transfer coefficients and high rates of heat flux.

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R. S. R. Gorla, J. E. Gatica, B. Ghorashi, P. In-Eure and L. W. Byrd, Heat transfer in a thin liquid film in the presence of electric field for non-isothermal interfacial condition, Int. J. Fluid Mech. Res. 29 (2002), 146-157.