Failure, Distress and Repair of Concrete Structures


Failure, Distress and Repair of Concrete Structures


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Understanding and recognizing failure mechanisms in concrete is a fundamental pre-requisite to determining the type of repair, or whether a repair is feasible. This book provides a review of concrete deterioration and damage, as well as looking at the problem of defects in concrete. It also discusses condition assessment and repair techniques. Part 1 discusses failure mechanisms in concrete and covers topics such as causes and mechanisms of deterioration in reinforced concrete, types of damage in concrete structures, types and causes of cracking, and condition assessment of concrete structures. Part 2 reviews the repair of concrete structures with coverage of themes such as standards and guidelines for repairing concrete structures, methods of crack repair, repair materials, bonded concrete overlays, repairing, and retrofitting concrete structures with fiber-reinforced polymers, patching deteriorated concrete structures and durability of repaired concrete. With its distinguished editor and international team of contributors, Failure and Repair of Concrete Structures is a standard reference for civil engineers, architects, and anyone working in the construction sector, as well as those concerned with ensuring the safety of concrete structures.


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Failure, Distress and Repair of Concrete Structures