Hybrid H2H Estimation for Phase-Locked Loop Filter Design

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Conference Proceeding

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American Control Conference


A method of combining Kalman filtering and minimax filtering is proposed and demonstrated in an application to phase-locked loop design. Kalman filtering suffers from a lack of robustness to departures from the assumed noise statistics. But minimax filtering has the drawback of ignoring the engineer's (admittedly incomplete) knowledge of the noise statistics. It is shown in this paper that hybrid Kalman/minimax filtering can provide the best of both worlds. Phase-locked loop filter design is used in this paper to demonstrate an application of hybrid estimation.

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D. Simon and H. El-Sherief. (1994). Hybrid H2H Estimation for Phase-Locked Loop Filter Design. American Control Conference, 2212-2216, doi: 10.1109/ACC.1994.752468.