An Active Disturbance Rejection Based Approach to Vibration Suppression in Two-Inertia Systems

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Conference Proceeding

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American Control Conference


This study concerns with the resonance problems in motion control, typically described in a two-inertia system model as compliance between the motor and load. We reformulate the problem in the framework of active disturbance rejection control (ADRC), where the resonance is assumed unknown and treated as disturbance, estimated and mitigated. This allows the closed-loop bandwidth to go well beyond the resonant frequency, which is quite difficult with the existing methods. In addition, such level of performance is achieved with minimum complexity in the controller design and tuning:no parameter estimation or adaptive algorithm is needed, and the controller is tuned by adjusting one parameter, namely, the bandwidth of the control loop. It is also shown that the proposed solution applies to both the velocity and position control problems, and the fact that ADRC offers an effective and practical motion control solution, in the presence of unknown resonant frequency within the bandwidth of the control system. Finally, frequency response analysis is performed where stability margin is obtained before the simulation results are verified in the hardware experiments.