Enhancement of Electrical Engineering Education by a Mentoring Scheme

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Teaching, Assessment, and Learning for Engineering (TALE), 2015 IEEE International Conference on


A mentoring scheme is carried out in our school to bring professional electrical engineers and university electrical engineering students together that takes advantage of resource of electrical engineers to mentor senior design projects. Electrical engineering design projects rely heavily on engineering experience and teamwork. Professional engineer involvement in this process can bring valuable experience to the students. Streamlining this collaborative development and introducing practical experience, is an essential training subject in electrical engineering education. Depending on the source of the design project, engineers are assigned to assist the students in concentrating on the important aspects of the project as well as in guidance on testing, development, implementation, technologies, and methodologies. This paper addresses the procedure of implementing this mentoring scheme. The positive effects of this mentoring scheme are examined and assessed through assessment and evaluation between engineers and students. The results reveal that this scheme significantly enhances design project in terms of student communication and coordination as well as project implementation with guidance and mentoring by professional electrical engineers.