Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Arts in English



First Advisor

Lardner, Ted

Subject Headings

American Literature, Journalism, Language Arts, Modern Literature, Sociology


"The Other Side of Fun" is a collection of creative non-fiction essays that examine the relationship between several cultural pastimes and our society as a whole. The thoughts, feelings, and observations made throughout these essays are reflections of my time spent working various jobs pertaining to some form of entertainment. "Mayflies" explores my time as a game-day security worker for the Cleveland Indians, examining the relationship between unionized labor and the lifestyle that encompasses it. "Spiders" chronicles my time spent as a Resident Assistant at Cleveland State, investigating the deep web and the potential dangers that technology can bring. "House Rules" details my experiences at the Jack Casino, exploring society's obsession with wealth. "Ghosts" looks at society's use of tradition, documenting an evening spent working as a bouncer at one of the busiest bars the night before Halloween. Last is "Cutting Weight", an essay that discusses the world of organized cage-fighting and the impact it has had on both our culture and my own life. These essays serve as a critique to the way our world operates; a collection of observations that look to challenge the reader's perception of our societal ideologies and values.