Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Applied Communication Theory and Methodology



First Advisor

Kumar, Anup

Subject Headings

Communication, Marketing, Mass Communications, Mass Media


The study investigates factors that influence the efficacy of celebrity endorsement on social media in Saudi Arabia. The study builds upon the findings of research done primarily in East Asia and in the U.S. This research studied how celebrity endorsement via social media influences celebrity followers on brand recognition, purchase decision, support a cause, and overall, celebrity influence. This study’s 911 respondents were selected through the snowball method of sampling. Data was conducted using online survey with Saudi nationals, both in Saudi Arabia and in the United States, on their attitudes towards the credibility of celebrities and their influence. This study commenced after receiving the Cleveland State University Institutional Review Board’s approval of the protocols and informed consent procedures. The data was analyzed using SPSS to test the hypotheses and answer the research questions. The analyses were carried out in two phases. The first phase included a comparison of means to see differences between demographic groups were gender, young adult, and education, extra. The second phase included linear regression model to test how factors suggested developing social media use, social media engagement, product match-up, self-disclosure, and social Identity of celebrity endorsement. The models were fit, and credibility and other factors included predictor influence of celebrity endorsement on brand recognition, purchase decision, and overall, celebrity influence but, support a social cause. Attributes of social media two-way communication (social media engagement) was a significant predictor of celebrity endorsement. The results show that credibility scale was fitted well in Saudi Arabia.