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Maxine Goodman Levin College of Urban Affairs

First Advisor

Harper, Brian

Subject Headings

Autistic children -- Education -- Ohio, Public schools -- Ohio, Ohio autism special education


This study examined the perceptions of professionals and parents of children with autism regarding quality indicators of successful educational practices in Northeast Ohio and compared this information to current literature trends. The study used questionnaires and interviews to look at these topics and compare them to the perceptions of stakeholders. Results indicate that stakeholder perceptions are similar to those promoted in the literature. Parents and professionals perceived methodology based interventions that are individualized and delivered by highly trained and qualified personnel to be the most important components of an educational program for students with autism. Barriers to delivering these services in Ohio included school financing and public school policy. Results of the study were consistent with current literature in most respects, with the exception of defining a particular methodological intervention for students. Stakeholders believed a variety of methodology based interventions were most effective to meet individual student needs