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Master of Arts in Psychology


College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences

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Horvath, Michael

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In recent years the workforce has experienced many changes, mostly as a result of the proliferation of technology. With the ever changing work environment and the increased blurring of work and home boundaries, more research is imperative in helping organizations hire, retain, and keep the right employees satisfied. The present study aims to examine the interactions and moderating effects of motivation on boundary management preferences and behaviors. Respondents were asked to complete three questionnaires assessing their motivation towards their current work, preferred boundary management styles, and their enactment of boundary management techniques while present in the work and home domains. By using a sample of full- time employees, the present study examined the effects of motivation on boundary management preferences and enactment. Potential findings will help to better identify motivated individuals who are more likely to employ boundary management techniques that are conducive with responsibilities for demanding positions, which often requires work to take precedence over other life domains.

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Psychology Commons