Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Arts in English


College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences

First Advisor

Gosselin, Adrienne

Subject Headings

American Literature


Stories of Life and Other Such Happenings is a combination of three short stories, Breasts Before Brunch, Two Pink Lines, and Tooneressie. Breasts Before Brunch is a comedic romance telling a story of a young lady attempting to find love even despite a crazy family. When her flamboyant cousin insinuates herself into Natalie’s date with her new boyfriend, Natalie’s imagination of what she would like to do to her cousin runs wild. When her cousin decides to show Greg her new boobs, the situation goes from bad to worse for Natalie. Alternatively, Two Pink Lines tells a very different type of story. The main character, Mia, not having found love, seeks the fulfillment of a family even without the requisite man. Her journey leads to a romance with a turkey baster. Finally, after two scintillating stories, Tooneressie is a journey into childhood fantasy. Nettie thinks she wants to run away, instead she finds herself in a world behind her house of very small people. When she is found in the woods asleep, everyone assumes she had been dreaming. She knew the truth. All three stories, though very different in scope, all tell a human truth. The need to make connections.