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Education and Human Services

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Aquila, Frank

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Educational leadership -- United States, High school principals -- United States, African American leadership, Electronic books. local


Uneasiness about leading ethnically diverse urban schools implies that principals of color may have an important role in accomplishing their schools' goals. Findings from this study revealed that in areas of image administration and relationship development African-American principals and European American principals in urban schools perceive their principals' leadership in a different way. Results revealed that (a) African-American male principals were critical in creating an inclusive school among groups of ethnically diverse groups of students (b) due to their racial affiliation, African-American principals played an important role in mentoring and providing an atmosphere of love and support and (c) African-American male principals were responsible for ensuring that a belief system that encourages self respect, unwavering values and a student focus approach to leadership will help to ensure a positive and supportive learning milieu for all students in an urban school setting. Our schools are undergoing immense challenges as they evolve from mono-cultural nondiverse contexts to ones that contain ethnically diverse, multilingual, and costeffectively poorer children. In leading urban schools, African-American male principals must possess administrative skills to mobilize a diverse teaching staff so children in urban schools will succeed academically. Thus, if African-American male principals are to play this significant role, what critical functions of effective leadership are needed to work with a varied group of followers? The intent of this qualitative study will be to inspect the beliefs, values and leadership practices that African-American principals endorse to lead successful urban schools

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