Date of Award

Spring 5-16-2022

Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Arts in Communication Sciences and Disorders


Health Sciences

First Advisor

Cox, Violet

Second Advisor

Layman, Deborah

Third Advisor

Wilhite, Myrita

Subject Headings

Audiology, Speech Therapy


The present study investigated the similarities and differences in the lived experiences of parents who made the decision to have their child implanted with a cochlear device. The aim of this study was also to explore the parents’ views of the success of the cochlear implant (CI) device as it relates to language and academic development. Four parents shared their experiences through the process of obtaining a cochlear implant for their children and their lived experience with the cochlear implant device from the surgery to the present time. Three of the interviewed parents discussed their experiences with one child who was implanted. One parent who was interviewed reported on her experiences with two children who were implanted. The parental cochlear implant experience/journey appears to be directly related to how successful the child is with his or her device. The interaction and relationship between the parent and professionals on the cochlear implant team, early intervention, follow-up care, amount of therapy received, and the use of the cochlear implant all affect the speech and language outcomes as well as the academic outcomes of children with cochlear implants. Given the significance and limitations of this study, further research is needed to better understand how the differences in one’s parental cochlear implant journey can vary the language and academic outcomes.