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Education and Human Services

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Black, Jill

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Vegetarianism, Vegetarians -- Interviews, Critical theory, Vegan beliefs and experiences, Critical theory, Autoethnography, Electronic books. local


This qualitative study uses critical theory, autoethnography, and in-depth interviews with vegans to explore and analyze the initial impetus to become vegan, the sustaining motivation to persist, the impact the diet and associated practices have had on the participant, and vegan's assessment of omnivore's eating practices. In-depth interviews with three vegans in each of the following professions were conducted: medical doctor, registered dietitian, farmer, professional animal activist, and philosophy professor. Participants were asked to reflect on "narratives of experience" (Caelli, 2001), the story created from their interview. Interviews were analyzed using critical theory to critique the Western approach to diet and food production and hegemonic practices related to food choices

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