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Monte Ahuja College of Business

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Chen, Injazz

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Business logistics, Production management, Information technology, Mediation (Statistics), services supply chain management information technology impact mediation analysis


Much research has been performed to develop the supply chain management construct for manufacturing goods producing firms. However, the service sector continues to grow its dominance in the percentage of GDP in high, middle and low income countries, and with it, a corresponding growth in the percentage of purchasing spend across the globe. While research continues in the manufacturing supply chain arena, much work is yet to be done to understand the differences for services. The objectives of this research project were threefold: 1) to analyze the services supply chain management construct in order to determine how it differs from the more rigorously analyzed manufacturing supply chain management construct. The outcome is expected to be a fully developed and validated parsimonious measurement instrument for services supply chain management practices, 2) to validate a proposed framework relating the nature of the service, services supply chain management practices, information technology, operational performance and business performance. This framework, as developed, was built upon the relational view of the network and the resource based view of the firm, and 3) to propose a new topology for the services supply chain management construct. A survey instrument to capture the operational measures for the service's supply chain management construct was developed based upon an extensive literature review of current supply chain management research, previously proposed service frameworks and service operations management research relevant to this topic. A rigorous instrument development process was conducted to ensure the final instrument meets all requirements to satisfy the criteria for unidimensionality, convergent, discriminant, and predictive validity. A cross-sectional mail survey focused towards service industry sourcing leaders within firms in the United States was completed. Structural Equation Modeling was utilized for developing the model, determining the strength of the hypotheses, and evaluati

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