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Education and Human Services

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Welfel, Elizabeth

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Relation, Gender, Age-of-onset, Frequency, Early-onset, Bipolar, Problematic behaviors, Manic-depressive illness, Behavior disorders in adolescence


This retrospective study examined adult individuals between 18-40 years of age who self-reported or were formally diagnosed with a bipolar disorder during their adolescent years. This study examined the relationship between gender, age-of-onset of bipolar disorder, and problematic behaviors in the early-onset bipolar disordered population. The relationship between satisfaction with treatment and the perception of quality of treatment received during adolescence were also examined. T-tests and another statistical test were conducted with the two independent variables and the dependent variables comprising the frequency of problematic behaviors. Significance was found between the younger the age-of-onset of bipolar disorder and high-risk behaviors, and school-based problematic behaviors. Numerically, 75.5 of the females reported satisfaction with prior treatment. Gender was insignificant in this research study

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