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Education and Human Services

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Carl, James

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Educational evaluation -- China, Educational evaluation -- United States, Educational planning -- China, Educational planning -- United States, Assesment, Policy, Globalization, Reform, Equity, Electronic books. local


Ongoing changes in educational assessment policies within China and the U.S. are complicated. On the one hand, educational assessment policies seem to be diverging, with the U.S. moving towards more standardized testing and China moving away from it. On the other hand, the policies and the reforms seem to converge, with both nations utilizing standardized testing for educational improvement. In China, after the reinstallation of college/university entrance examination in 1977, a series of testing policy reforms and measures were implemented. The goal was to achieve a quality education to best serve China's economic development in a global market. Since 1983, American education reform focused on creating and implementing more competitive educational standard for students, teachers, and school administration for a global competition. This dissertation will attempt to uncover the economic and political forces that have driven the national educational assessment reform in the two societies in a global context

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