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Education and Human Services

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Welfel, Elizabeth Reynolds

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Drug abuse counselors -- Training of, Substance abuse -- Counseling of, Alcoholism counseling, Alcoholism counselors, Drug abuse counseling, Counseling psychologists, addiction, addiction treatment, addiction counseling, addiction competencies, addiction training, attitudes toward addiction counseling, professional support to practice addiction counseling


Alcohol and other drug (AoD) problems occur at epidemic levels in society, yet many individuals do not receive adequate treatment. Research suggests that psychologists are disinterested in AoD counseling, and have AoD training, attitude, and skill deficits. The current study examined the role of AoD training and professional support on psychologists' functioning as AoD counselors. The ultimate purpose of the study was to determine what interventions may be useful for improving psychologists' ability to provide AoD counseling. One hundred and seventy-eight members of four divisions of the American Psychological Association were surveyed using a measure developed by the author based on prior research. Regression analyses confirmed the hypothesis that AoD training would be predictive of psychologists' functioning as AoD counselors and that professional support would make a unique contribution to the prediction model

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