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Education and Human Services

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Bagaka's, Joshua

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Elementary school teachers -- Ohio, Teacher effectiveness -- Ohio, Third grade (Education) -- Ohio, Reading (Elementary) -- Ohio


The purpose of this study was to identify teacher quality variables that can predict school equity in the third grade reading passage rate at the school building level. In the present study, the operational definition of equity is the difference (or gap) in passage rates between those who may struggle academically in reading and their respective peers. Teacher quality is represented by the percentage of teachers with a Master's degree, percentage of teachers who are properly certified, average teacher attendance rates, and average years of teaching experience.A multiple linear regression model was used to determine the extent to which teacher quality variables predict equity involving socioeconomic status, mobility, and gender on the Ohio Achievement Assessment (OAA) Reading Test for 654 Ohio elementary schools. Teacher quality variables that significantly narrow the gap on the OAA Reading Test between students who may be at-risk to struggle in reading and their peers may contribute to equity in reading achievement. Equity in education requires that educational access and opportunity is guaranteed for all students (McKibbens, 2005).Findings indicate that the percentage of teachers with a Master's degree and the percentage of teachers who are properly certified significantly improve equity on the third grade OAA Reading Test for socioeconomic status and mobility. Years of experience were found to be significant in reducing equity for mobility, but were not found to be significant for socioeconomic status. Teacher attendance rates were found to be significant in regards to mobility but were not a significant predictor of equity involving socioeconomic status. Teacher quality variables were not found to be statistically significant predictors of gender equity on the third grade OAA Reading Test.The study recommended that high quality teachers be equitably placed in both urban and suburban settings. Schools may require teachers to pursue advanced degrees and teach within their specialization area. It should not be a

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