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Blake, Brian

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Teleshopping -- Psychological aspects, Web sites -- Design -- Evaluation, Individual differences, Consumer behavior, Demographics, Diversified online shopper, Domain spec, Generic online shopping behaviors, Internet experience, Internet shopping, Internet usage, Online Browsing, Online purchasing, Online shopping, Website feature preferences, Internet Experience, Electronic books, local


The current study examined the nature of diversified online shoppers with respect to existing differences in their level of website feature preferences, Internet experience (usage and shopping behaviors) and individual demographic characteristics. Using an online survey, 540 individuals residing within United States responded to questions concerning their demographics, extent of Internet usage, online visiting and purchasing behaviors and preference for website features. Individuals were categorized into different user groups- low, medium and high, depending on the extent of their self-reported diversified online shopping across the nine specific product categories. Since shopping referred to both browsing of online information and online purchasing, this categorization was done separately for both browsing and purchasing behaviors. The study found that an individual's diversified online browsing behavior was different from one's diversified online purchasing behavior. With regard to their diversified online browsing, significant group differences were found between the three browser groups in their preference for website features and Internet experience. The typical diversified online browser was more likely to be affluent and male. With regard to the individual's online purchasing behavior, the low, medium and high diversified purchasers were found to differ significantly from one another in their website feature preferences as well as Internet experience. And the typical diversified online purchaser was more likely to be highly educated, affluent and male. Implications of these results as well as limitations of the current study were discussed

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